Trinity College Quadrangle


The Trinity College Quadrangle is a unique and beautiful place within the whole of the University of Toronto campus. It is also the physical and symbolic heart of Trinity College. The Quadrangle is a multiple purpose space that supports formal and informal events, activities and gatherings
— it serves as a kind of out-of-doors "living room" for students, staff, and visitors to the College.

The renewal for the quadrangle provides a modern design that is developed out of deference to the history and traditions of medieval and gothic courtyards. The design provides a more formal the sense of space while accommodating the range of activities for which the quadrangle is used. The central lawn is reestablished as a unifying element in the space, with paved circulation routes moved to the perimeter.




A key feature of the design is the use of the Greek cross—a symbol often found in gothic architecture such as Trinity College—as a paving pattern within the central lawn. The pattern is used to create an ornamented carpet effect—while extending the overall area of lawn in the quadrangle.

Copy of Copy of Trinity College Quadrangle -

The interplay of formal and informal structures will allow the quadrangle to function both as a comfortable outdoor living room for students or as a garden landscape suitable for convocation receptions. A small patio is provided on the north side of the quadrangle and new permanent seating is provided at various locations to allow students to take advantage of sunny or shady conditions depending on the weather.  


Client: Trinity College

Location: University of Toronto, Toronto ON

Completion: 2008

Landscape Architects: gh3

General Contractor: Aldershot Landscape Contractors

Photography: Tom Arban



2011 Azure People's Choice Award
2009 Design Exchange Award of Excellence

gh3 Team: Pat Hanson, Raymond Chow